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Music For Coffee Beings is breaking new ground in promoting Canadian and world artists.

Our goal is to distribute quality Canadian music free of charge to 1000 cafes and coffee shops throughout Canada

We are creating a series of compilation CDs that will feature some of North America’s best independant and signed artists and sending them out to 1,000 coffee shops and cafes across Canada and the US, along with 20,000 full colour brochures.

The cafes play the CDs for their customers and have the brochures with contact information for the artists involved in the project. In this way customers can contact the artists they have discovered and also purchase their CDs.

International artists who wish to increase their fan base in North America are also welcome on Music For Coffee Beings.  Visit SONICBIDS  if you are an interested artist. Everything you need to know is there. Or visit our submissions page.

Music For Coffee Beings Volume 3

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Please take the time to visit their websites, listen to their music and discover how you can purchase their personal CDs.

Thank you for visiting us here at Music For Coffee Beings.

The Lost Dream: Jamie Craig

  • From the album, Things I Miss

Jamie Craig is a New Age Jazz instrumental artist. The music is moving and at times challenging. One listen and you will be hooked. The new CD is “The Lost Dream.” The new single is the title song.

Decending: Danielle French

  • From the album, Shadows

Danielle has veered slightly left of centre with her third independent release, ‘Shadows’, opting to experiment, explore and push her artistic boundaries. Her latest material has been described as “beautiful strangeness” as Danielle has uncovered melodies that are somewhat strange, yet somehow familiar.

Fibonacci’s Dream: Lawrence Blatt

  • From the album, Lawrence Blatt

Lawrence Blatt combines classical and modern steel-string-acoustic guitar techniques to create a unique sound that will stir the imagination. His music consists of layers of guitar work decorated with luscious melodies and percussive mood.

When I Was: Dan Weintraub

  • From the album, The Gap Between

Dan Weintraub writes and performs rootsy alt folk and country tunes on acoustic guitar. Dan’s music is proof that one can be dark, cynical and brooding and still have a lot of fun. The prolific songwriter’s rapidly expanding music catalog, featuring seven releases between 2007 and 2008, is best described as the product of a burning passion.

Passionate Angels: The Smiling Strangers

  • From the album, All The Way

The Smiling Strangers write and perform ‘catchy and hook filled’ three minute pop songs. The Smiling Strangers released their third CD album in November 2007. It is entitled “ALL THE WAY”. The Smiling Strangers . . .well worth getting to know.

I’m Giving It All: Jacques Houdek

  • From the single, I’m Giving It All

Jacques is a Croation singer who also performs in English, Italian, German, Spanish and French. This track was written by Kresimir Herceg, a fellow Croatian, who is also the winner of many music awards. Jacques has appeared on TV and is signed to Croatia Records, releasing gold and silver selling CDs . Visit his site to see video and listen to audio clips.

Life Is An Instant: Elena Steele

  • From the album, That’s The Story Of

At twenty ElenaSteele was chosen to be a soloist for The Vodogray, a group representing the best musicians of the Ukraine. She performedboth abroad and throughout the Soviet Union. In1988 she performed for Raisa Gorbacheva during the state visit ofthe Soviet Union President in the city of Dniepropetrovsk. Elena came to Canada in 1992 where she founded a Voice Studio where she loves to see her students gain confidence inthemselves and share the joy of singing. This is her debut CD.

My Love Is Still Alive: Digital Soldiers Orchestra and Friends

  • From the album, Moonglow Serenade

Kresimir Herceg is a Croatian composer, songwriter and pianist. He has more than 100 prefessionally recorded items for song festivals, radio, and TV production and a huge discography. Herceg is the winner of different Croatian song festival awards and the prestigeous Croatian Composer Association Award for jazz for the album Moonglow Serenade.

Just Another Day: Serena Ryder

  • From the album. If Your Memory Serves You Well

Serena was awarded the 2008 JUNO for Best New Artist. She views herself as part of a long musical continuum, a participant and player in the centuries-old saga of the song. That sense of history, roots Ryder in a glorious tradition, while also setting her apart from most of her modern musical peers.

The Richest Man in Babylon: Daniel Kingsbury

  • From the album, Caravan of Time

Daniel Kingsbury is a a 20-year old singer/songwriter with a luxurious voice, melodies that stick to your brain, and lyrics that resonate on a universal level. His debut album, “Caravan of Time”, is a mélange of songs written over a period of 4 years in British Columbia, Southeast Asia and Australia

When The Earth Was Flat: Heather Haley

  • From the album, Surfing Season

Heather Haley is joined by Roderick Shoolbraid to produce “a unique, sublime fusion of song and spoken word.” Shoolbraid is a dazzling guitarist, composer, sound designer and DJ. Haley is a maverick poet, singer, author and media artist often found pushing boundaries and always on the vanguard. “A Canadian national treasure,”

The River Runs Wild: Two Tall Women

  • From the album, Out Of The Woods,

Pam and Beth play a variety of instruments including; guitar, accordian, djembe, pennywhistles, and the bouzouki. Memorable arrangements. Melodies that linger long after the songs are over. This mother and daughter duo sing of the natural beauty of their BC home, the rivers, mountains and trees. We are one with nature.

Somehow, Somebody, Sometime: Richards and Fitch

  • From the album, A Couple Of F Holes

Bobby Richards has worked many jobs but hes always been a songwriter. Its not what he does its who he is. Reno Fitch is a mandolin player. The two met at a crossroads. Bobby was making a deal with the Devil and Reno was making a left turn. Bobby got ripped off and Reno got a hitch hiker. Ever since they have been known as Richards and Fitch.

Came Out Of The Darkness: Revealing Grace

  • From the album, Revealing Grace

Revealing Grace are BethSouthwell and Amy Logan, whose haunting harmonies and lyrical arrangements create a memorable sound.The music of ‘Revealing Grace’ is universal, emotional and personal. This album features Lou Keating on guitar, Micahael Sanyshyn on mandolin andfiddle, Bruce Morrison on bass and Mike Berman on percussion.