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Here is some information on Music For Coffee Beings.

For Artists:

This is a promotional project whose purpose is to garner airplay and consumer recognition for the artists appearing on each volume. We have a large and ever growing cafe database to distribute our Music For Coffee Beings Volumes to. We believe this to be a unique opportunity for Canadian and world artists and feel there is no other service that can provide and deliver this level of national airplay at such a competitive price. Our debut CD compilation, is going out to 1,000 cafes on August 23rd/07.

Music For Coffee Beings Volume will not be for sale. It will only be available to cafes and coffee shops that have agreed to play it in their establishment. A new CD will be released every 6-8 weeks. This will allow our network of cafes to build a library of the latest and greatest local music.

This opportunity is also open to non-Canadian artists who will be touring in Canada or who wish to build a fan base here.

To learn more about what this project involves and what participation brings go to INFO

For General Info and How to Get Your Music Placed on Music For Coffee Beings contact:

Sam Southwell:

For Coffee Shops and Cafes:

Cafe Sign Up and Distribution:

If you are a cafe and would like a copy of Music For Coffee Beings sign up at:

Sign up and receive free music from Canada and the World’s highly regarded and award winning musicians and composers as well as new releases from up and coming artists. Specially selected coffee shops and cafes in major Canadian cities and regional centres will receive FREE CDs for airplay in their establishments, along with brochures featuring the artists, their bio and website and CD purchasing info.