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You can learn more about being placed on future volumes of Music For Coffee Beings by visiting sonicbids by clicking the link below. Or there are details on the Submission Form.

Music For Coffee Beings Volume 4 (Continued) Submissions on Sonicbids

MUSIC FOR COFFEE BEINGS CDs feature an amazing mix of specially selected artists from Canada and beyond.

Perfect for coffee shop listening.

MUSIC FOR COFFEE BEINGS CDs are sent out to 1,000 cafes across Canada and the USA.

Our database of coffee shops and cafes includes establishments in every corner of North America, and all of them are excited to be receiving Music For Coffee Beings.

  • You can hear Volume 1 here
  • You can hear Volume 2 here.

This is a promotional CD that will not be sold and will get Canadian and American original music out there and into the ears of the general public. By playing our CDs, coffee shops can play an important part in nurturing the growth of Original Music.

20,000 colour brochures are sent out along with the 1000 CDs, publicising the participating artists and giving contact information.

The artist and track info will also be posted on the musicforcoffeebeings website, along with links to the artists websites.

There is a fee for this service.

Bookings are open for Music For Coffee Beings Vol 4

Visit Sonicbids to apply.